Thursday, 4 July 2013

Padagogy Wheel:Bloom and Apps

iPad apps and Bloom's Taxonomy. What have they got in common?

I've only just stumbled across this and thought I'd share it. Alan Carrington has created this very useful Padagogy wheel (see screenshot below). He's taken 62 apps for the iPad and organised them to align with Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. Hence, as a teacher you can clearly map activities to learning outcomes and design appropriate assessment tasks to suit your context. Naturally you're not bound by this app selection. You may want to replace some apps with similar ones that you're already using and are satisfied with. For example I might replace Explain Everything with Educreations. With apps being developed and put on the market at almost the speed of light you'll need to update accordingly. 

It's not about the tool as such, but about how you can design pedagogically sound, learning activities that involve the integration of digital tools. If you visit his blog you'll be able to access a printable poster version (A3).

Carrington has also created a video in which he briefly explains  how to implement the Padagogy Wheel.

Source:YouTube 'Introduction to the Padagogy Wheel' Carrington 2012

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