Monday, 18 March 2013

Open Education

A Visual Interpretation of Open Education

Activity 3 H817 OpenLearn

For this particular activity, we've been asked to create a ' visual representation that defines openness in education'. This short video below that I created is based on concepts from Weller's paper, 'The openness-creativity cycle in education' (2012).

I used the following tools for the creation of this resource; iMovie, iPhoto, QuickTimePlayer and RealtimeBoard. The music, 'Setting Sail' is from

(Posted by Patricia Daniels)


Weller, M. (2012) ‘The openness–creativity cycle in education’, Special issue on Open Educational Resources, JIME, Spring 2012 [online]. Available at article/ view/ 2012-02 (accessed 11 March 2013).


  1. Wow Patricia - that's some video, really well done. And thanks for listing the tools you used, I think this is really useful for other learners. I like pieces that have music accompanying them, I think (when it's done right) it really adds to a piece.
    I'm blown away by the quality and variety of some of the contributions we're getting through on the blog.

  2. Thanks Martin, I was originally going to present it as a slide show from Realtimeboard, but it lacked movement. I wanted to try and capture the feel of a process that is evolving and a sense of material being newly created and disseminated.

    I agree, it's incredible what is being produced. That really is an advantage I think of this kind of open learning i.e. you have such a wide pool of people willing to share something from their perspective. It's going to be an interesting part of our module.