Sunday, 15 April 2012

Educational Technologies or Digital Technologies?

Educational technologies or digital technologies? 

Are the tools and technologies we use in education designed specifically for educational purposes or do we repurpose to suit?

I was just scrolling through the Apps on my iPad, thinking about the online tools that I use with students in activities, for collaborative work, to prepare lessons etc and it struck me that not one of the tools or technologies I use has been specifically designed for education or is categorized as an educational tool.

     Is it just me or are other teachers doing the same thing? Perhaps I'm just one of those people who prefer to choose and experiment, rather than being told I should use something for a particular task. Without having any hard evidence to back me up on this, I do feel that I'm not alone on this one. I'm sure there are multitudes of educators out there repurposing tools to suit their own needs in a teaching and learning environment.

    When we look at what we do with everyday items in the classroom e.g. plastic cups become paintbrush holders, dental floss holds up pictures, old socks and gloves turn into finger puppets, then it seems a natural progression that we put this same creativity to use when working with the digital technologies at our disposal.

    Why buy or download ten Apps when you can design ten or more uses from just one? Repurpose!

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