Sunday, 1 April 2012

Education and Technology.Too Many Choices?

Education and Technology. Too Many Choices?          

Education and Technology

Using digital technologies in education from a teaching and learning perspective can be very daunting.
Decision making becomes very complex, in part, because of the range of choice of tools and technologies. It's a bit like walking into a Hypermarket to pick up a few basic items such as, muesli, milk and toasting bread: you know what you want, but when it comes down to the ingredients, you find things on the back of the packet that start your mind and the clock ticking towards a blackhole.

     Should I take the muesli with the rolled oats or whole grain? And what about pieces of fruit, a dry mix or maybe I'd better add my own ? Then there's the flavour. Do I want it or need it? Choices, choices, choices and no one to help with the decision making.Well maybe there is.

     This is where forum and support groups can be very helpful concerning digital technologies in education.There are many generous teachers, educators and facilitators from all over the globe who are keen to collaborate with others. I think it's wonderful to see such an immense and motivated number of communities in Web 2.0, who are interacting on a daily basis to optimize how technology can be used to enhance learning and to provide better support for teachers, students and their families.

     So next time you're ummming and arrrhhhhing about whether to download an App, use an open resource or pay for an expensive conferencing system etc, check out whether there is any background support, any reviews or forum groups. Join in the discussions and give yourself time to reflect on how this will suit you and your students' needs. Be creative and give some ideas back it'll keep the productive cycle going.

    If this fails, copy and paste a chunk of text from the advertising material into and see what hidden message pops up. It selects key words and the most frequent. Great tool for language students, creative writers, prompts for storytelling in the classroom and whatever else you make out of it.

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