Thursday, 22 March 2012

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

The Machine is Us/ing Us

This YouTube video by Michael Wesch from Kansas State University, has some very thought provoking ideas. In my opinion an entertaining way of narrating the shift from handwritten texts to digital; a close look at how Web 2.0 is linking people together in perhaps ways that may not have been considered during the birth of Web 2.0.

This video is integrated into the course material for the MA that I'm studying at the moment ( Online and Distance Education) and apart from the message it's sending, this video is a reminder of what a powerful medium YouTube is and not just for the delivery of entertainment or educational material but political material as well.

Although You Tube provides a wealth of material that can be used in teaching, I think it's important to make younger students aware of just how much power they are holding in their hands. Teach them to reflect on the content they've included in their videos. Help improve their information-based digital literacies. Discuss the consequences that might have to be coped with before they hit the publish button, rather than after.

Let's help make the younger generation think critically about their engagement with the Web.

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